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Choosing To Believe (Again)

So, it’s back in the discussion with some folks today. In response to a meme I made: Basically, I took that image and added those speech bubbles. “So, salvation is not 100% of God, you must also do something to be saved… Hm.“ “It would seem that way if you had any control over whatContinue reading “Choosing To Believe (Again)”

Vacuous Straw Persons

This is going to be a difficult article to write because the subject matter is difficult (for me) to understand. The subject matter is an article by Aimee Byrd entitled “When The Feminine Gift Is Rejected” Here is the problem in a nutshell. The article is full of vague, vacuous, ambiguous and (since this isContinue reading “Vacuous Straw Persons”

Qualified Male Leadership

So, it came up in a recent conversation, Paul’s greeting to Andronicus and Junia, and how that applies to Progressive Christianity’s use of the term “qualified male headship” or “qualified male leadership”. It begins when one element of the Progressive Church poses that when Paul says that Andronicus and Junia are “well known among theContinue reading “Qualified Male Leadership”

The Word Is “Fallen”

Today’s culture has subtly changed the meaning of the word “broken”. Progressive Christianity (if you can call it that) remands itself to the world to (as quoted here) “help us bring hope to those who are in this broken world.“ The word is “fallen”, not “broken”. By referring to it as “broken”, you summon imagesContinue reading “The Word Is “Fallen””

Jesus Died In Perfect Peace

During the roughly 6 hours that Jesus was dying on the cross, he faced pain, suffering, bewilderment, and even doubt. “I thirst” shows us the suffering. “My God, why have you abandoned me?” being probably the most pointed expression of the suffering he was undertaking. But those expressions, from the cross, came to an endContinue reading “Jesus Died In Perfect Peace”

CRT/SR – Collective Nonsense

If you are a Christian believer, you cannot separate “we are all sinners” from the equally true, “We are all forgivers…” In the Church we are sinners and forgivers. But hold on to the “sinners” bit, and throw out the “forgivers” bit, and, Bingo! You’ve got Critical Race Theory!

Egalitarianism vs Complementarianism

Forenote: The word “gender” is a relatively modern sociological construct that has been introduced into the psychological vocabulary of the culture, and given a tremendous measure of “flexibility” whereby it can mean almost anything those employing it wish it it mean. The correct term is “sex”, but because “sex” also can have different meanings dependingContinue reading “Egalitarianism vs Complementarianism”

Grace is Not Faith

Grace is Not Faith And grace is not repentance, either.  By definition, Grace is “undeserved and unmerited favour” granted by God upon only some individuals.  All those adjectives are necessary.  It is undeserved because all mankind is guilty before God.  It is unmerited because Grace occurs before man does (or indeed can do) anything atContinue reading “Grace is Not Faith”

Go and Sin No More

And Jesus said to him, “Go and sin no more“. Which of you are ready to stand up before God and say, “OK, God… I sinned no more”? Any takers? Yeah…I thought so.

To Whom Am I Speaking?

The following was originally written as an introduction to Option Number 3.  I separated it into it’s own article. It is important to remember that the Bible is very often speaking to SOMEONE, not EVERYONE. Most of the Old Testament is being spoken to the Israelites. Sometimes to a specific tribe of the Israelites. Sometimes toContinue reading “To Whom Am I Speaking?”

Wither the Bible?

This started out as a draft I never finished. I will post it here anyway (unfinished) for the first time in public. Aheists attacking the “historicity” of Jesus, as though he’d never existed.  But there’s no record of any man, Jesus of Nazareth!”  There are no eye witness accounts of such a man ever existing.Continue reading “Wither the Bible?”

Option Number 3

Free Will This article is about “Free Will”. The topic of “Free Will” needs some clarification before we continue, because there is a difference between Reformed Theology (sometimes erroneously called “Calvinism”), and various incarnations of “Free Will” Arminianism – or, what calls itself “church” in America today. At the very beginning, one thing to clearContinue reading “Option Number 3”

Cry All The Louder

How can we know that we are saved?  I’ve been asked that question before.  And here is my answer: Two blind men were sitting by the path when they heard Jesus pass by.  And they cried out, “Lord, thou son of David, have mercy on us.” And others around them, annoyed, scolded them and told themContinue reading “Cry All The Louder”

No Truer Words…

While reading through an “atheist” blog (like there is such a thing as an atheist), I came across one fellow who was proudly parading this little “reddit inspired” anthem: If only he knew that no truer words had he ever spoken.  He is absolutely correct. The Lord is not his shepherd, because he truly is not oneContinue reading “No Truer Words…”

The Godless Index in Holland

I usually do not branch out into “social issues” commentary (or at least not on the Unius Libri pages).  Because: “Social Issues” (things like Social Justice, Economic Equality, Gender Equality, Race Relations, and Outreach Programs like feeding the poor, building houses for the homeless, caring for the widow and the fatherless, etc) are meaningless drivvel – buzzwords that haveContinue reading “The Godless Index in Holland”

. . . – – – . . .

Customarily, when an SOS is called, the distressed ship details the number of “souls on board” so that rescuers have some sense of the job and the challenge they face, and so that they can somewhat estimate whether they “got everybody”. So, today, roughly, the Earth supposedly passed the 7 Billion mark.  Population growth, plottedContinue reading “. . . – – – . . .”

This do. Period.

Or, How I finally Understood the Lord’s Table. Within just the past year (just 8 months ago, really), I finally started regular church attendance.  For the first time in almost 23 years since being saved and briefly (very briefly) churched in the Charismatic movement. I had flirted with other churches, here and there, never onceContinue reading “This do. Period.”

Spiritual Spam

I clean out a LOT of spam from my daily mail.  My spam filter automatically deletes about 500 spam emails per day, but sometimes it gets through anyway. Today, what struck me is the uncanny (ie, amazing) resemblance spam has to spiritual nonsense going on today in the “health, wealth, and prosperity” movement in theContinue reading “Spiritual Spam”

What I Cannot Pray

For the past few weeks, it has been on my mind to pray.  Pray something specific.  Pray something that I know for certain that God wants me to pray.  But, I cannot seem to bring myself to actually pray for it. Why?  Because I know God’s dealings with me in the past.  It seems that wheneverContinue reading “What I Cannot Pray”

Goodbye Sydney

We lost Sydney, out little Rat Terrier, of the past twelve years, today.  We knew it was coming for months as she got thinner and took less interest in eating.  And she passed away much more peacefully than Bernard, and for that we are thankful. Goodbye, Sydney.  Everyone misses you already.

In the end, we lose.

Let’s face it, for the Christian – the real Christian, it’s a losing bet from the beginning and we know it.  That is, if your focus is this world. In the eternal world that is coming, we inherit all things.  But on this earth, Jesus says that our lot is persecution and defeat to theContinue reading “In the end, we lose.”

Stop Believing!

An earlier article of mine was entitled “Stop Sinning!”  It was aimed at the section of the professing “church” who believe that the goal of the Gospel is to help men to stop sinning.  That it is not is the subject of that article.  The subject of THIS article is another angle, very similar. TheContinue reading “Stop Believing!”

The “For Instance” Book

Let’s face it… Trusting God Is a Real Bummer I’m not sure what this article was suppose to be when I started it, but it’s kinda turned into a rant about what the Bible really is, and what the consequences of that are, and particularly in relation to the claim that “God Loves I’m notContinue reading “The “For Instance” Book”

The Bold and The Brazen

Keep in mind: In the end… we lose! They’re bold!  They’re Brazen!  They’re preposterous!  They have nerves of steel!  Their claims are wildly speculative, … fantastic!  Beyond the realm of imagination.  They are,… The Bold.  The Brazen.  The Preposterous! Let’s face it… If you name yourself among the disciples of Christ, you are choosing a road that willContinue reading “The Bold and The Brazen”

What Kind of Love?

Un-dying love, you’ve given to me.I’ve seen many things I would never have seen,I don’t understand why you care so muchIt’s all a mystery. Time and time again, I ask myself,What have I done to deserve such wealth?The price you paid; I could never repayYour generosity…. In wanting to save me…  In order to saveContinue reading “What Kind of Love?”

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